Geo Links Usage Guide

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How to create a Geo Link

A geo link consists basically in a url with a base slug that is common to every link and destination slug. For example in the base slug is "goto" and the destination slug is "amazon-product".

Once you decided the base slug of your urls to create a Geolink you simple need to fill following 3 sections:

  • Redirection options: Where you setup the destination slug , redirection code and default destination url
  • Destinations: Here you define all the final urls based on the needed rules.
  • Stats: Show click stats for defined url in your Geo Link.


On this section you add as many final urls as needed. Each url consists on the following fields:

  • Destination URL: Is the final url that you are redirecting the users to.
  • Geo options: Where you define the geotargeting options for the link. If the user matches your rules it will be redirect to the final url.
  • Devices: You can narrow down to only target for certain devices.
  • Referral url: Only use the destination url if the user is coming from defined url.
Check our tutorial where we explain more in detail how to create affiliate links by country.