Affiliates program

Welcome to your affiliate program! Help us selling our products and earn some money!

Every time your refer an user to the site we save a cookie for 30 days. If the user signs up and pay for a plan you earn money!

Commissions varies depending on plan selected by the user:

Plan subscribed

Commission earned

Baby Monthly / Yearly
2 USD / 10 USD
Basic Monthly / Yearly
5 USD / 20 USD
Plus Monthly / Yearly
9 USD / 30 USD
Pro Monthly / Yearly
20 USD / 40 USD
Enterprise Monthly / Yearly
30 USD / 50 USD

Important: Affiliate marketing is not meant on any way to be used as a self discount strategy. If you use it for yourself or with the help of a friend the software will detect it as a fraud and automatically ban your from the system.

Payouts are available up to once per month after you have referred five or more customers to us.

To become an affiliate sign up for an account and go to the affiliates menu in your dashboard

* Review the afilliate terms and conditions