Transparent prices, no extra fees!

Our plugins works on a pay as you go basis. Each call made to the API is equal to one credit.

You simple buy as many credits as you need.

How much for one API call?



Cost Per credit


Depending on how much you spend the price will vary. For example if you buy 25USD in credits each call to the API will be as low as $0.002. Making it easier for you, 10,000 calls per month will cost you just $20.


What's really an API CALL ?

An API call is a request from your server made to our server. You can think this like a page view. So every time a user visits a page of your website that it's using geolocation functionality a request is made to our server along the user IP. Then we return the user geographical info.

Oh wait, so I will pay for every page view ?

No at all, and that's the main difference between us and our competitors. Just pages where you are using geotargeting will need to consume an API call.

As an addition Our plugins have a cache mode available to let you save queries and resources. So once a user visits the site we cache their location info into the session and the consequent page views don't need to perform calls to the API. You can read more about it here.

Also bots and crawlers are excluded and no credits are charged.

Can I use my own database instead of your API ?

Yes, as long as you have an active GeotWP Subscription you will be able to use Maxmind or Ip2Location databases.


How does the pricing model works?

You buy as many credits as you need. No contracts or extra fees. You simple use the credits on a required basis.

Does credits expire?

Absolutely not! Credits will remain in your account forever.

Can I use the plugins on many websites?

Yes you can use them on unlimited sites and they will work fine as long as you got credits.

Do I get alerted when my credits are low?

You will get an email when you reach 25% credits. Also you can configure your account to buy more credits when that limit is reached.

Do you offer free trials?

Not really for the full API service you can simple buy a small amount of credits. But we do have free versions of the plugins so you can test them out.

What happens if I run out of credits?

If you don't have configured an auto buy limit and you missed our friendly emails the API will stop sending the user geo info and the plugins will fallback to configured default country.