Use your own database!

Users with an active subscription will be able to use third party databases.

No API calls and compatible with all our plugins.

What is a local database for geolocation ?

Some users, because they don't need much accuracy, or because their sites have so much traffic that can't rely on third party APIs, prefer to use instead a local solution.

That's why we made all our plugins compatible with other geolocation services, letting our users install their databases locally to empower our WordPress geolocation plugins.

What databases are compatible ?

You can use the city free Maxmind Geolite2 database or the city Maxmind GeoIP2 database, IP2Location databases, Kinsta Geoip and also Wp Engine GeoIp services data.

Check on local database docs page for install instructions.

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What happens if I cancel my subscription ?

The plugin will remain working for the grace period and then it will stop working. So if you subscribe to the monthly plan on the 1st and you cancel it on the 15th you will be able to use it for 15 more days. Then it won't work and will show you a warning asking to reactivate your plan.

Are you planning to make it compatible with other services?

If you use something else and they provide a PHP API, sure we can integrate it with our system.

How this compare to your normal API service?

The API service is more accurate and you don't need to worry about manually updating heavy databases every 2 weeks to keep getting accurate results.

Are databases included?

We created a plugin that will download and update Maxmind free database for you.

For any other database. You need to buy, install and update it on your own or use one of the databases provided by premium hostings such as Kinsta or WpEngine.

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