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The simplest way to block users by geolocation on WordPress

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Geo Blocker lets you easily block visitors from your WordPress site using their geolocation. You can use different targeting rules from entire countries down to individual zip codes. You can also block them from your entire site or only specific pieces of content.

Quickly Create Your Own Geo Blocking Rules

Geo Blocker makes it easy to create your first blocking rule in just a few minutes:

  • Choose what to block - you can block your entire WordPress site or only specific pieces of content.
  • Choose who to block - block entire countries or just specific areas. You can also mix-and-match non-geographic rules, like whether someone is logged in to WordPress.
  • Customize your message - show a custom message to blocked visitors so they understand what's happening.
  • Exclude Bots - you can still allow bots (like Googlebot) to avoid issues with SEO or other situations where crawlers are important.

Keep reading to learn more about how Geo Blocker works.

Example Use Cases

- Stop users from spamming your site with unwanted form submissions, ad clicks, etc.

- Hide your content in areas where you don't operate.

- Temporary block users from certain locations

...add your use case to the list!

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Block users based on location

Block Users Based on Locations

You can target as broad or narrow areas as needed. Geo Blocker supports blocking users by:

  • Country
  • State
  • City
  • Zip Code
  • Radius

Use Non-Geo Rules, Too!

You can also combine your geo rules with other conditions for better targeting. You can mix-and-match other conditions such as a user's logged-in status, WordPress user role, device, referrer, target query string, and more.

Want to only block anonymous visitors browsing on a smartphone in Germany? You can do that!


Create Geographic Regions to Save Time

To help you save time, Geo Blocker lets you create custom regions that contain multiple geographic areas. You can then quickly reuse these regions when creating blocking rules.


Detect Users' Real Locations No Matter What

Geo Blocker is built to detect users' actual locations no matter what. Even if you're using Cloudflare, Sucuri, Akamai, or other similar tools, Geo Blocker can still detect a user's real IP address and location. For mobile users, Geo Blocker can also detect GPS location for even more pinpoint accuracy.


Create Unlimited Blocking Rules

Geo Blocker lets you create unlimited blocking rules. You can also easily activate/deactivate rules as needed.


Mix-and-Match Rules As Needed

You can mix-and-match all of the blocking conditions as needed. You can use both AND rules (all conditions must be met) and OR rules (only one condition/group of conditions needs to be met).

For example, you can block direct visits from visitors in Vietnam, but allow them through if they come from a search engine.

More Features of Geo Blocker for WordPress

Block Sitewide or Just Specific Content

When you create your blocking rules, you can choose to block access to your entire site or only specific pieces of content. You can also use different blocking levels for different geolocations as needed.

Customize Your Block Message

Add a custom message that visitors see when they get blocked. You can add a simple text message or use HTML to add links, buttons, or other layout elements.

Use Include/Exclude Rules for Pinpoint Targeting

Geo Blocker lets you harness geolocation in both directions with both include and exclude rules. That is, you can block all users in a specific area or you can block the entire world except for visitors in that specific area.


Will Geo Blocker hurt my SEO?

No, Geo Blocker will not negatively affect your SEO efforts unless you want it to.

Geo Blocker lets you exclude bots (like the Google crawler) from being blocked, which means they won't have any issues crawling your site like they normally would.

What content will blocked visitors see?

Geo Blocker lets you customize the message that people from a blocked location see. You can just include a simple text message or use HTML to create a more detailed notice that includes links or other elements.

If you want to redirect visitors to another page on your site instead of completely blocking them, you could also use our Geo Redirects plugin.

Can I whitelist individual users?

Yes! If you're worried about accidentally blocking someone who should have access, Geo Blocker lets you whitelist as many IP addresses as needed. Whitelisted IP addresses will never be blocked, even if they would otherwise trigger the rule.

You can also use non-geographic rules when setting up your blocks. For example, you could configure your block to exclude all logged-in users from being blocked, even if they're from a geographic area that would otherwise be blocked.

Do you have a tutorial of Geo Blocker?

Yes! our blog for a tutorial on how to Geo Block in WordPress.

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