Geo Redirects for WordPress

The simplest way to create a geo redirect and send users to the right place

Send users to different pages or web sites based on their location with a few simple steps. Geo Redirects plugin for WordPress it's a powerful tool that will let you easily create a redirect based on multiple criteria.

How Geo Redirects works?

Creating a Geo Redirect in WordPress it's as simple as following these steps:

  • Choose the redirection rules: For example you may want to redirect all users from one specific country but only the ones that are in the front page of your site or redirect all logged users from certain State, etc.
  • Add redirection url: Could be another website or page in your site
  • One time redirection?: You could redirect users every time they visit your site, or just once.
  • Redirection code: By default we set the redirection to 302 ( temporal redirect ) but you can change that to suit your needs
  • Whitelist IPs: While you can use redirection rules to exclude for example logged users or admins, you also have an option to exclude users by IP address.

Check our complete guide to learn how to redirect users based on geolocation.


Still not convinced? Wait, we have more features for you.

Redirect based on geo location

You can redirect based on Country, State, City, IP, radius or regions ( groups of locations ).

With the help of placeholders you could create dynamic destination urls.

Powerful Redirect rules

Redirect one page or all, logged users, match referrer, match different devices, user coming from another page of your site, user coming from search engines, match bots / crawlers, target query string or custom urls, etc

Redirect options

Exclude child pages, auto detect two letter iso codes, one time redirects, etc. Configure your Geo Redirect to meet your needs.

Create regions

You will be able to group countries or cities in order to make it easier to target users. For example you could create a region called Europe and another called America, and then simple use those names in shortcodes or widgets saving you time.

Unlimited redirects

Create as many redirects as you need and turn them on / off with a simple click. The Geo Redirections panel is as easy to use as creating a new post in your site.

Premium Accuracy

Our API provides top geolocation accuracy giving you the best results! Our API return continent, country, state and city data. If you need to build your own products, use our GeotargetingWP github package to communicate with it.