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Geo Links lets you create intelligent links that send users to different URLs based on their geolocation. Use it for affiliate links (including Amazon), localized content, or anything else.

Quickly Create Geotargeted Links on WordPress

Geo Links makes it easy to create your first link in just a few minutes:

  • Choose your base slug - select a base slug that starts all your links. For example, or
  • Choose your URL slug - add a custom URL slug for just this link. For example,
  • Add destination URL(s) - send people who visit this URL to different destination URLs based on their geolocation.

Using Amazon or another affiliate program that doesn't allow link cloaking? No problem! Use the Geo Links shortcode instead and you can show completely different links based on a user's location. Because there's no cloaking with the shortcode, you won't get in trouble with Amazon.

Keep reading to learn more about how Geo Links works.

Example Use Cases

- Create geotargeted affiliate links to maximize revenue.

- Share links on social media that send people to localized content/offers.

...add your use case to the list!

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Geo Links Features

cloack links

Target Entire Countries or Specific Zip Codes

You can target as broad or narrow areas as needed. Geo Links supports geolocation at the following levels:

  • Country
  • State
  • City
  • Zip Code
  • Radius

Use the Shortcode to Avoid Cloaking

If you don't want to cloak your links, you can use the Geo Links shortcode to dynamically place different links directly in your content. For example, this lets you geotarget Amazon Associates links without violating Amazon's anti-cloaking policy.


Set a Fallback Default URL

In addition to using different URLs for different geolocations, you can also add a single fallback URL that will always be used if none of the link's conditions are met. This lets you make sure you're never wasting clicks.

Link Stats

View Detailed Click Stats

To help you understand how your links are being used, Geo Links provides overall click stats as well as click stats for individual destination rules. You can see how often your rules are triggering, as well as how often your default fallback URL gets used.


Create Geographic Regions to Save Time

To help you save time, Geo Links lets you create custom regions that contain multiple geographic areas. You can then quickly reuse these regions when creating your link destination rules.

real ip detection

Detect Users' Real Locations No Matter What

Geo Links is built to detect users' actual locations no matter what. Even if you're using Cloudflare, Sucuri, Akamai, or other similar tools, Geo Links can still detect a user's real IP address and location. For mobile users, Geo Links can also detect GPS location for even more pinpoint accuracy.

More Features for Redirects based on location

Use Non-Geo Rules, Too!

You can mix-and-match all of the redirect conditions as needed. You can use both AND rules (all conditions must be met) and OR rules (only one condition/group of conditions needs to be met).

Create Unlimited Links and Destination Rules

Geo Link lets you create unlimited links and destination rules. You can also easily deactivate links or individual destination rules as needed.

Works With Internal or External Links

You can use Geo Links to send visitors to external URLs (like an affiliate link) or other content on your own website.


Does Geo Links comply with Amazon Associates?

Yes! You can use Geo Links to send shoppers to different Amazon locales based on their location. Just make sure to use the Geo Links shortcode generator instead of the link cloaking feature.

This will place completely different links in your content based on a visitor's location, which fully complies with Amazon's policies.

For example, someone browsing from the USA will see the uncloaked link, while someone browsing from Germany will see the uncloaked link - there's no cloaking involved, which means there's no risk of violating Amazon's policies.

Does Geolinks let you import / export links?

Yes! If you prefer to work in Excel and then upload a csv file to modify links in bulk it's possible with Geo links for WordPress.

Is there a limit on how many affiliate links I can create?

No! There's no limit on the number of links. Create as many affiliate links and destination rules as needed.

Will Geo Links work with my caching plugin?

Yes! Geo Links is compatible with WordPress caching plugins or server-level caching from your host.

Even if you're using the shortcode to dynamically place different links in your content, Geo Links can still work with caching plugins via its Ajax mode. Geo Links will wait until the page is rendered and then create an Ajax call to geotarget the link.

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