A complete solution to geotarget your WordPress sites!

A powerful API service to geotarget content or create geo targeted redirects. WordPress content based on Geolocation never been so easy!

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How does geolocation work?

GeoTargetingWP it’s based on an IP or HTML 5 geolocation database that will let you accurately target 99.9% of your users. That database lives in our server and the plugin calls the API to return the user location on demand.

Either using IP or GPS, every time the user location it's needed a request will be made to our API.

The main difference between us and other companies is that we build products thinking in our clients. All of our plugins have a cache mode that will let you save credits and spend less money while having the best geolocation results.

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Who needs to Geotarget content?

Every site that intend to approach to a worldwide audience could get benefits from geotargeting content. The API is ideal for showing the right content based on location or redirecting the users to the proper pages.

Most of our customers have affiliates sites like online casino sites where you need to target clients accordingly to their countries or cities and show the best and more profitable bonuses.

Also we have lot of clients with ecommerce sites powered by WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, etc where they have the need to show different products depending on user country.

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Take a peek to some of the features of Geotargeting WP plugin

Geotarget any kind of content

Posts, pages, products, popups,etc. Any content can be hidden or modified based on location.

Redirect users based on location

Redirect your users to the right landing page or external site if you have an international corporate site.

Affiliate links

Create links that will send the user to different destination based on your geolocation rules.

Multiple Services Supported

We auto detect real user IP no matter if you use Cloudflare, Sucuri, Akamai, Ezoic, Reblaze, Varnish, etc.

Create Regions

You will be able to group countries, cities, states and zips in order to make it easier to target users. For example you could create a region called Europe and another called America, and then simple use those names in shortcodes or widgets saving you time.

WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads

Now you can easily hide your products depending on user’s country , city or state. You can remove the product entirely or display a message saying that is not available to them.

Cache Plugins Compatible

The downside of geotargeting always been struggling with page cache. With AJAX mode enabled all the filters, shortcodes and geotargeting options will be loaded after the page is rendered from cache. So you will get the speed of cache and the benefits of Geotargeting by doing one simple extra ajax request. Compatible with WP-Super Cache, W3 Total cache, and any other cache plugin.

Or you can use Wp Rocket plugin which is fully compatible to avoid using AJAX entirely.

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