Cache Location

To avoid the waste of resources when "Cache Location" is turned on we save the user geolocation once it’s generated. That means that if you change your location using a VPN you will still see the first location you used to visit the site unless you deactivate Cache Location.

Debugging options

In order to debug properly the plugin we added some methods to make it easier for you. The first thing we recommend is simple visiting the debug Data page in your wp-admin area. Or you could creating a test page and paste the following shortcode (you need to have GeotargetingPRo installed):


Using a VPN

You can use any VPN software like Tunnel Bear to change your location.

Query string parameters

You can pass some query strings to your site url in order to see the page as if you were from certain country.

  • geot_debug : Accepts country name . It’s required for all the query string debug options eg: States
  • geot_debug_iso : Accepts country ISO CODE . Eg:
  • geot_state : Accepts State names. Eg:
  • geot_state_code : State iso code. Eg:
  • geot_city : City name. Eg:
  • geot_zip: Eg:

You will need to provide all parameter in granular order. That means that if you want to debug city you will need to provide country and state as well as indicated in the example above.

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