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5 Ways Geotargeting Can Help Casinos And Casino/Gambling Affiliates

If you’re operating a website in the highly competitive casino/gambling industry, you’re probably always looking for an edge to help you stand out from the crowd and make more money. Geotargeting your content and offers can be that edge. Geotargeting lets you display the right offers to the right people (based on each person’s actual location). And that means higher conversion rates and more money in your pocket. Not bad, right? In this post, we’ll show you five different ways you can use geotargeting for your casino or gambling site. We’ll start with the obvious use of displaying different offers based on eligibility and then get into some other more niche uses.

1. Only Show Casino Offers That Visitors Are Eligible For

Let’s start with one of the most obvious use cases for geotargeting and casino/gambling websites. If you work in the casino industry, you don’t need us to tell you that laws and regulations have a big effect on eligibility. For example, think of how many casinos don’t accept signups from the United States… If you’re showing ads for those casinos to United States visitors, you’re basically wasting money, right? Geotargeting helps you ensure that you only display offers to visitors who are actually eligible for the offer. For example, let’s say that you’re promoting two offers with an equal conversion rate:  

  • Offer A - accepts traffic from the entire world and pays out $20
  • Offer B - only accepts traffic from Europe but pays out $25

  Without geotargeting, your best bet would be to display Offer A to all visitors, despite the fact that it has a comparatively low payout for European traffic. But with geotargeting, you could:

  • Display Offer B to all European visitors
  • Display Offer A to everyone else

If you’re curious about how this works in action, check out how Online Casino Websites does it (the author of this article lives in Vietnam): casino demo You can also see a live demo of this on our casino demo page.

Here’s How To Do It

To geotarget your offers based on a user’s location, you can use Geotargeting WP to set up different regions or areas for each offer. For a specific tutorial on how to show a different offer based on a user’s geolocation, check out this section of our post on how to customize WordPress content based on geolocation.

Ok, eligibility is a biggie when it comes to geotargeting casino offers. But it’s not the only way that you can optimize your campaigns. Even if an offer is eligible for an entire region, you still might want to geotarget your casino offers because a specific offer might do better with a relevant audience. For example, let’s say you have two sports betting offers:

  • American football
  • Basketball

If you consult a map of sports popularity, you’d know that American football is the most popular sport in many regions of the United States, but certain regions (like Los Angeles, California) like basketball more. That knowledge would let you use geotargeting to:

  • Display American football betting offers to most of the USA
  • Show basketball betting offers to basketball-dominant areas

Here’s How To Do It

To localize gambling offers based on popular games, you’ll likely want to use Geotargeting WP’s Region feature to build different groups of locations for each popular option: geolocation regions Then, you can follow our general tutorial for showing visitors different content based on geolocation.

3. Show Content For Specific Promotions/Holidays

Another way that you might want to target your casino offers is by showing specific holiday/event promotions: bonus xmas For example, if you’re promoting a special offer that’s tied to a Korean holiday, it probably doesn’t make much sense to show that same offer to people in France. Geotargeting lets you show the holiday offer to just your Korean audience while displaying regular promotions to the rest of your visitors.

Here’s How To Do It

For this type of geotargeting, you can once again use the general Geotargeting WP functionality to display different content to visitors based on their locations.

4. Target Rich Regional Areas

Depending on what type of offers you’re promoting, you might be especially interested in targeting a wealthier audience. Now, without deep data, you’re unable to do this on an individual basis. But what you can do is pull demographic data to specifically target wealthy areas. For example, you can easily find a list of the richest zip codes in the USA. By using these zip codes, you can approximate targeting only wealthy individuals.

Here’s How To Do It

Use the Geotargeting WP shortcode (or PHP function) to target visitors based on their zip code. You can read this support doc for more information about the shortcode. But generally, you’ll use something like this [geot_filter_zip zip="19121,17405"] OFFER HERE [/geot_filter_zip] You can target multiple zip codes by separating each zip code with a comma. And you can read this post for a more general look at how to show content based on geolocation with Geotargeting WP.

5. Increase Your Newsletter Signups

Finally, geotargeting can help you increase your email newsletter signups, which lets you make more money on the backend by having a larger email list. Affiliate Bible has a good post on how simply geotargeting a gambling email newsletter CTA was enough to increase email signups from ~5 per day to ~25 per day. Even something as simple as: "Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for the best deals for people in [COUNTRY]" Can greatly increase your email subscribe rate. If you want, you could even segment these people into a different list to show them region-specific offers in your email promotions as well.

Here’s How To Do It

Like the other geotargeting tips for casinos, you can use the regular Geotargeting WP functionality to show different CTAs depending on a user’s location. And you can even include completely different opt-in forms for easy geotargeted list segmentation

Final Thoughts On Geolocation For Casino/Gambling Websites.

Because of the inherent regulatory peculiarities of the gambling industry, combined with localized games and promotions, geotargeting casino offers is a great way to avoid missing out on money and optimize your conversion rate. Whether it’s something simple like only showing your offers to regions where they’re available or more complex like targeting specific regions based on the games those regions are interested in, geotargeting can help you make more money from your casino or gambling website.

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