Casino Demo

Showing the right offers to the user will maximize your conversion! With GeotargetingWP that's easy!. Why showing casinos where users can't sign up or casinos with poor commissions? Choose the best option for each country, state or city!

On this demo we are using the following shortcodes (WordPress codes) to display the best offer of current user country:

        [geot target="US"]
            <div class="cta">
                <img src="assets/images/demos/casino/uk-casino.png" alt="uk casino"/>
                100% up to <span class="bold">$300</span>
[geot country="UK"] <div class="cta"> <img src="assets/images/demos/casino/planet-7-casino.png" alt="planet 7 casino"/> 100% up to <span class="bold">$400</span> </div> [/geot]
[geot country="AU"] <div class="cta"> <img src="assets/images/demos/casino/joe-fortune-casino.png" alt="joe fortune casino"/> 100% up to <span class="bold">$500</span> </div> [/geot]
[geot exclude_country="US,UK,AU"] <div class="cta"> <img src="assets/images/demos/casino/jackpot-city-casino.png" alt="Rest of the world casino"/> 100% up to <span class="bold">$600</span> </div> [/geot]

Check the best casino offer for United States!

planet 7 casino 100% up to $400

(Hint: Use a Vpn like Hola Internet to check different country results.)


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