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We changed our prices

SaaS Geotargeting

After receiving a lot of feedback (thanks to all of you!) and studying our user base we decided to change our price model to a SaaS model (software as a service). Instead of buying credits and not knowing how much it will cost we implemented monthly and yearly plans so users know in advance how much they will pay. 

Also, we added more credits (now called requests) to each plan to make it more attractive for users. For example, before with 5USD, you were only getting 1000 credits while now for 9USD you are getting 8000. 

All plans will be able to be used on unlimited sites and like always all of the WordPress geotargeting plugins will be available. Also, we introduced something called "geo local databases" that will let you use third-party databases on your sites instead of the API.

I'm an existing user, what I need to do?

You will be able to subscribe within your account page by visiting subscription page

  • All Existing Users with subscriptions will remain with the same benefits unless they cancel their subscription in which case they will need to get one of the new ones. 
  • All Existing Users with credits and "Auto buy" feature turned on will remain as they are unless they turn off "Auto buy" in which case they will have to get a subscription after spending their credits. 
  • All Existing Users with credits and "Auto buy" feature turned off will be able to spend their credits and then they will need to get a subscription.

We will be sending an email shortly once we make the new price model live to every user and also we are going to edit low credits alert emails to inform about this. The idea is that nobody interrupts their service and we will do as much as possible to accomplish it.

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If you have any question please don't hesitate to contact us.

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