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We now support WP Engine geoIP!

We are proud to announce that all GeotargetingWP plugins now supports Wp Engine Geoip services.

What it's WP Engine?

If this is the first time you hear about them, let me say that WP Engine it's one of the most popular WordPress hosting nowadays. Launched back in 2010 the hosting company has not stopped growing until it become one of the references in WordPress hosting. 

They use very aggressive cache which make websites really fast but of course this could lead to incompatibility with many plugins used to bring a different customer experience. In other words if your website is not a blog and you need to provide a more personal user experience you will need some extra tune up. Fortunately our plugins include an AJAX MODE that will work with any cache in the market! 

How to use geolocation in WP Engine?

Wp Engine offers GeoIP support for Business, Premium, and Enterprise customers only. That means that they will detect every user and provide geolocation information about them. Developers can access that data using PHP and use it at their own convenience.

In order to enable this service you need to open a support request with them as it's not enabled by default. You also need to choose which cache bucket you want to use. Using a country bucket means that every country that visits your site will have a different cache page generated. If you choose city bucket the cache pages generated grows considerably.

How to use GeotargetingWP with WP Engine ?

Having the geolocation data delivered by WP Engine basically means that you don't need to use our API or external database. So the best thing you can do is to get a subscription and use their data instead.

Once you have your subscription active and the hosting enabled geoIP you will be able to use any of the plugins of GeotargetingWP with your WP Engine geoip service.

If you have questions simple leave a comment. Thanks!

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