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New Blog, New Features

Hello and welcome to the new blog of GeotargetingWP, the best Geotargeting plugin for WordPress !

As the site keeps growing along with the plugins we thought it was the right time to start the blog. Here we will be able to communicate directly with our beloved customers and you will be able to answer back by simple leaving a comment.

Our idea is to use the blog for: 

  • Inform about important updates of the plugins or new features that deserves a little more attention
  • Publish offers, promotions or coupon codes. Black friday is close if you know what I mean ;) 
  • Write Tutorials to get the best of the Geotargeting WordPress plugins
  • Important updates about WordPress community.

If you don't want to miss any important stuff, you can now subscribe to our Newsletter right on the sidebar. That way you will get all the important stuff right in your inbox.

We will be writing another post later today explaining some of the new features released this week. 


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